Malaria Vaccines for the World

8-10 May 2019, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

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Newsflash: Malawi starts landmark pilot of first ever child malaria vaccine. Read more.

The Richard Doll Building
Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7LF
Download the campus map here.

With more than an estimated 200 million clinical cases annually, resulting in 445,000 deaths, malaria is not only an important global health problem but also a major factor limiting economic development in endemic countries. Deployment of an effective malaria vaccine is regarded as being one of the most cost-effective and reliable means to limit and help eliminate the disease. Many years of endeavour have taught that achieving this goal will be challenging; however, recent innovation in malaria vaccine research and a diverse pipeline of novel vaccine candidates for clinical assessment provides optimism. The MVW 2019 conference will look at the spectrum of current research into vaccines that aim to prevent malaria infection, disease, and transmission, ranging from novel vaccine design and underlying immunological and molecular mechanisms of protection through to on-going clinical assessment of candidates in early- and late-phase clinical trials. The meeting will include approaches for Plasmodium falciparum malaria as well as P. vivax.

The MVW 2019 meeting will be of interest to scientists, physicians and other professionals from the academic, industrial/commercial and governmental/policy/regulatory sectors that have an interest in vaccine development and global health.

The meeting will include talks on:

  • Malaria vaccine candidate discovery, novel antigens and structural vaccinology
  • Novel pre-clinical screening assays/models
  • Vaccine immunology including system-based approaches and analysis of human monoclonal antibodies
  • Correlates of protection after vaccination
  • Pre-erythrocytic vaccines and vaccination
  • Vaccines for interrupting malaria transmission: role in elimination strategies
  • RTS,S implementation and refinements
  • Vaccines against the blood-stage of malaria infection and other multi-stage vaccine strategies
  • Clinical trials of malaria vaccines including controlled human malaria infections (CHMI) and field trials
  • Relevance and issues related to first-in-human trials and CHMI studies in endemic countries
  • Modelling and measuring long-term malaria vaccine impact.

A preliminary agenda includes sessions on:

  1. Plenary
  2. RTS,S – Symposium on Pilot Implementation
  3. Pre-Erythrocytic Subunit Vaccines in Clinical Development
  4. Next-Generation Vaccine Strategies – Focus on CSP Antigen
  5. Whole Parasite Vaccines in Clinical Development
  6. Malaria Immunology I – Cellular Immunity
  7. Next-Generation Vaccine Strategies – Whole Parasites
  8. Latest Advances in Vaccines for P. vivax
  9. Blood-Stage and Transmission-Blocking Vaccines in Clinical Development
  10. Malaria Immunology II – Antibodies and mAbs
  11. Novel Vaccine Delivery Platforms, Technologies and Adjuvants
  12. Next-Generation Vaccine Strategies – Novel Antigens and Structural Vaccinology

The fifth conference in the series, MALARIA VACCINES FOR THE WORLD – MVW 2019 is the follow-up to the successful MVW meetings held in London, Washington DC, Lausanne and Leiden and will again offer researchers an international forum to discuss the current status of new malaria vaccines initiatives, vaccine candidates and clinical trials. MVW 2019 will focus attention on Vaccine Issues in relation to Malaria as a worldwide disease.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Local Organiser: Simon Draper (University of Oxford, UK)

Jane Achan (LSHTM/MRC, The Gambia)
Evelina Angov (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA)
Sumi Biswas (University of Oxford, UK)
Chetan Chitnis (Institut Pasteur, France and ICGEB, India)
Alassane Dicko (University of Bamako, Mali)
Carlota Dobaño (Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain)
Denise Doolan (James Cook University, Australia)
Sócrates Herrera (Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center, Colombia)
Stephen L. Hoffman (Sanaria, USA)
Adrian Hill (University of Oxford, UK)
Melissa Kapulu (KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kenya)
Shahid Khan (Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands)
Rick King (PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative, USA)
Francine Ntoumi (Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Médicale, Republic of the Congo)
Ally Olotu (Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania)
Melissa Penny (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland)
Robert Seder (National Institutes of Health, USA)
Sodiomon Sirima (Groupe de Recherche Action en Santé (GRAS), Burkina Faso)
Takafumi Tsuboi (Ehime University, Japan)
Johan Vekemans (World Health Organisation, Switzerland)
Nicola Viebig (European Vaccine Initiative, Germany)
Eileen Villasante (Naval Medical Research Center, USA)
Hedda Wardemann (German Cancer Research Centre, Germany)
Rana Chattopadhyay (CBER/FDA, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)


MVW 2019 Delegates

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