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More than a third of the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria – it is estimated that 100 people, primarily children in Africa, die of malaria every hour of every day every year. Malaria is one of the main obstacles to socio-economic development in Africa. Vaccines are considered to be an important strategy to achieve the ultimate goal of malaria elimination and eradication, in addition to the other effective control measures against malaria.

The third conference in the series – MALARIA VACCINES FOR THE WORLD – MVW 2013 is the follow-up to the successful MVW meeting held in London in 2007 and Washington DC in 2010 and again will offer researchers a fresh new forum to discuss the current status of new malaria vaccines initiatives, vaccine candidates and clinical trials. MVW 2013 will focus attention on ‘Vaccine Issues’ in relation to Malaria as a worldwide disease.

MVW 2013 will be of interest to scientists, physicians and other professionals from the academic, industrial/commercial and governmental/policy/regulatory sectors who have an interest in the development, assessment, trends and deployment of vaccines for the worldwide problem that is malaria.

MVW 2013 is also timed in conjunction with World Malaria Day on Thursday 25th April 2013.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Local Organizer: Blaise Genton (Infectious Diseases Service, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Stephen L. Hoffman (Sanaria Inc., Maryland, USA)
Adrian Hill (University of Oxford, UK)
Denise Doolan (QIMR, Australia)
Eleanor Riley (LSHTM, London, UK)
Sodiomon B. Sirima (CNRFP, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
David E. Lanar (WRAIR, Maryland, USA)
Jaap Goudsmit (Crucell, The Netherlands)
Ashley Birkett (PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), USA)
Thomas Richie (NMRC, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)
Ed Remarque (BPRC, Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
Kalifa Bojang (MRC, Fajara, Banjul, The Gambia)
Mamadou Thera (University of Bamako, Bamako, Republic of Mali)
Marcel Tanner (Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland)
Rana Chattopadhyay (CBER/FDA, Rockville, Maryland, USA)
John Aponte (CRESIB, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)
Christopher Plowe (University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Vasee Moorthy (WHO, Geneva, Switzerland)
Salim Abdulla (Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania)
Odile Leroy (European Vaccine Initiative, Heidelberg, Germany)

Conference Scope and Sessions

The MVW 2013 scientific programme will include keynote lectures, contributed papers and poster presentations emphasising all aspects of Malaria vaccines as outlined below. The MVW 2013 Scientific Advisory Panel and organizers invite the submission of abstracts for oral and/or poster presentation – please see details on abstract submissions overleaf.

The MVW 2013 conference will focus on the following main session topics:

  • Genes, Genomics and Malaria
  • Screening effectively malaria vaccine candidates
  • Appropriate technology platforms
  • Vaccination against Plasmodium vivax
  • Vaccines for interrupting malaria transmission: role in elimination strategies
  • Clinical Trials of Malaria Vaccines – Phases I and II and towards III and IV and GMP updates
  • Relevance and issues related to first in man trials and experimental malaria human infections studies in endemic countries
  • Modelling and measuring long-term malaria vaccine impact

Special extra sessions beyond the main sessions outlined above are being considered for MVW 2013 and these may include:

The Advancement of Whole Parasite Malaria Vaccines

  • Radiation attenuated sporozoites
  • Genetically attenuated sporozoites
  • Live sporozoites with antimalarial chemoprophylaxis
  • Asexual erythrocytic parasites with and without antibiotics
  • Aseptic, purified, cryopreserved sporozoites for optimization of vaccine administration

The Advancement of Controlled Human Malaria Infection (CHMI) to Assess Vaccine Efficacy

  • The Gold Standard:
    Non-aseptic PfSPZ (NF54 or 3D7)-infected mosquitoes
  • Aseptic PfSPZ (NF54)-infected mosquitoes
  • PfSPZ Challenge (NF54) (Europe and the U.S.)
  • PfSPZ Challenge (NF54 (Africa)
  • Other strains of Pf for mosquito bite and needle and syringe CHMI
  • Asexual erythrocytic stage parasites.

Regulatory Considerations for Licensure of Malaria Vaccines: US FDA and European EMA Perspectives

  • General overview of FDA and EMA regulation of vaccines
  • CBER and EMA regulatory pathways available for licensure
  • Statistical considerations for clinical trials of malaria vaccines for licensure
  • Clinical development considerations for malaria vaccines

MVW 2013 Delegates

Login details will be supplied after you have registered for the event.

MVW 2013 Sponsors

  • Sanaria
  • EVI
  • Aldevron
  • Malaria No More
  • DNA Vaccine
  • Nature Gene Therapy
  • Malaria World

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