Vaccines for Enteric Diseases

8-10 July 2015, The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

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Day One

Final Conference Programme | Wednesday 8th July 2015

07.30 onwards
Arrival, Registration & Coffee

‘Welcome to Edinburgh’

‘VED 2015 in Edinburgh: Britain’s Premier Medical City’
Robert Hall (NIAID/NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, USA)


Moderators: Anita Zaidi (Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington, USA) and Mike Levine (University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

‘True burden of enteric pathogens utilizing advanced molecular techniques: Re-analysis of the GEMS data’
Eric Houpt (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

‘Potential contribution of nutritional and long-term outcomes on the cost-effectiveness of entero-toxigenic Escherichia coli and Shigella vaccination’
Richard Rheingans 1, Lindsey Laytner 1, Mirna Amaya 1 and Deborah Atherly 2 (1 University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA; 2 PATH, Seattle, Washington, USA)

‘Vaccines against West African Ebolavirus, a diarrheal disease’
Myron M. Levine (University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

‘Achieving public health impact with vaccines: The role of advocacy’
Deborah Kidd and Richard Walker (PATH, Washington DC, USA)

Coffee Break & Posters Set-Up


Moderators: Ann-Mari Svennerholm (University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden)

‘Dose-dependent spectrum of illness and immune response profiles after primary infection and following homologous re-challenge in a low dose enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) challenge model’
Subhra Chakraborty, Clayton Harro, Barbara DeNearing, Malathi Ram, Louis Bourgeois, Nicole Bauers, Jorge Flores, Len Dally, Richard Walker and David Sack (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

‘Induction of long term immunological memory by an oral inactivated multivalent ETEC vaccine in Swedish volunteers’
Anna Lundgren and Ann-Mari Svennerholm (University of Gothenburg Vaccine Research Institute, Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden)

‘T cell responses to an oral inactivated multivalent ETEC vaccine’
Anna Lundgren, Ana Cárdeno, Joanna Kaim and Ann-Mari Svennerholm (University of Gothenburg Vaccine Research Institute, Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden)

‘DmLT adjuvanted live attenuated enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) vaccine candidate protects against virulent ETEC in a human ETEC challenge model’
Michael Darsely, Clayton Harro, Subhra Chakraborty, David Sack, Barbara DeNearing, Louis Bourgeois, Nicole Bauers, Len Dally, Alan Fix and Richard Walker (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

‘A CFA-toxoid MEFA elicits antibodies protecting against seven CFAs (CFA/I, CS1 – CS6) and two toxins (LT, STa) of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)’
Xiaosai Ruan 1, David A. Sack 2 and Weiping Zhang 1 (1 Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA; 2 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

‘Detailed LT antibody analysis on ETEC clinical trial samples’
Elizabeth Norton 2, Milton Maciel Jr. 1, Robin Baudier 2, Carli Cunningham 2, Ursula Janikowski 2, Renee Laird 1, Ramiro Gutierrez 1, Stephen Savarino 1 and John Clements 2 (1 Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA; 2 Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Lunch Break & Posters


Moderators: Armelle Phalipon (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France) and Malabi M. Venkatesan (WRAIR, Bethesda, Maryland, USA)

‘Clinical evaluation of the S. flexneri bioconjugate vaccine’
M. Riddle 1, R. Kaminski 2, C. Di Paolo 3, C. Porter 1, R. Gutierrez 1, K. Paolino 2, K. Clarkson 2 , C. Duplessis 1, C. Soltis 2, C. Strelez 2, K. Jaep 1, A. Castellano 2, M. Wacker 3 and V. Gambillara 3 (1 Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, 2 Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, 3 Glycovaxyn AG, Schlieren, Switzerland)

‘Development of a simple and transferable bactericidal assay for Shigella flexneri 2a, S. flexneri 3a, and S. sonnei’
Jisheng Lin 1, Mark A. Smith 2, William H. Benjamin 1, Robert W. Kaminski 2, Lillian Van De Verg 3, Heather Wenzel 3 and Moon H. Nahm 1 (1 University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA; 2 Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Maryland, USA; 3 PATH,Washington DC, USA)

‘Safety and immunogenicity of a Shigella sonnei generalized modules for membraneantigens (GMMA) vaccine administered by intramuscular, intranasal, and intradermal route’
Christiane Gerke 1, Laura B. Martin 1, Pierre Loulergue 2, Odile Launay 2, David Lewis 3, Aldona Greenwood 3, Dani Cohen 4, Allan Saul 1, Audino Podda 1 and the Shigella sonnei clinical trial consortium (1 Sclavo Behring Vaccines Institute for Global Health, Siena, Italy; 2 CIC Cochin-Pasteur, Paris, France; 3 University of Surrey, Guilford, Surrey, UK; 4 Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)

‘A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation, age-descending study to assess the safety and tolerability of live, attenuated, oral Shigella WRSS1 vaccine candidate in Bangladeshi adults and children’
R. Raqib 1, A. Mily 1, A. Fix 2, P. Sarker 1, N. Bauers 2, K. Zaman 1, K. Talukder 1, R.W. Kaminski 3, L. Van de Verg 2 and M.M. Venkatesan 3 (1 Centre for Vaccine Sciences, ICDDRB, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 2 Enteric Vaccine Initiative, Vaccine Development Global Program, PATH, Washington, USA; 3 Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Maryland, USA)

‘Development of a broad-spectrum vaccine against shigellosis’
Jae-Ouk Kim (International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, Korea)

‘Agent and host-related factors supporting the global emergence of S. sonnei shigellosis’
Dani Cohen, Shiri Meron-Sudai, Anya Bialik, Sophy Goren, Amit Hochberg, Uri Rubinstein, Ofry Levy, Ravit Bassal and Shai Ashkenazi (Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Tea Break & Posters


Moderators: Ben Lopman (CDC, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) and Mark Riddle (NMRC, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)

‘Comprehensive assessment of genetic and immunologic factors in norovirus outbreaks in long-term care facilities’
Jan Vinjé, Veronica P. Costantini, Emily M. Cooper, Hope L. Hardaker, Lore E. Lee, Marieke Bierhoff, Paul R. Cieslak and Aron J. Hall (Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

‘Optimal composition of a norovirus GI-GII VLP vaccine: Strain selection and inclusion of rotavirus VP6 “rods” for adjuvant function’
Timo Vesikari, Maria Malm and Vesna Blazevic (University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland)

‘Development of a candidate VLP norovirus vaccine’
Robert Bargatze, Charles Richardson, Paul Mendelman, Frank Baehner, Astrid Borkowski and Robert Goodwin (Takeda Vaccines Inc., Deerfield, Illionois, USA)

‘The burden of norovirus diarrhea in Nicaraguan children: Results from a population-based study’
Sylvia Becker-Dreps 1, Filemon Bucardo 2, Samuel Vilchez 2, Luis Enrique Zambrana 3, Lan Liu 4, Leslie Barclay 5, Jan Vinjé 5, Michael G. Hudgens 6, Lennart Svensson 7, Johan Nordgren 7, Margarita Paniagua 2 and Félix Espinoza 2 (1 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; 2 National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-León), León, Nicaragua; 3 Center for Epidemiology and Health (CIDS), León, Nicaragua; 4 Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 5 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta, USA; 6 Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; 7 Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden)

‘Active surveillance for medically-attended acute gastroenteritis and norovirus infection in a US managed care population’
Aron J. Hall 1, Allison L. Naleway 2, Elizabeth J. Esterberg 2, Emilio E. DeBess 3, Christianne Biggs 4 and Mark A. Schmidt 2 (1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; 2 Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Portland, Oregon, USA; 3 Oregon Health Authority, Portland, Oregon, USA; 4 Oregon Health Authority, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)

‘Modeling norovirus transmission and strategies for vaccination in the United States’
Molly K. Steele, Justin V. Remais, Andreas Handel and Benjamin A. Lopman (Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Centers for Diseases Control, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

‘A phase II randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of two formulations of bivalent virus-like particle (VLP) norovirus candidate vaccine in healthy US adults’
Frank Baehner, Jakob P. Cramer, Martin Elmlinger and Paul Mendelman (on behalf of the NOR-201 Study Group) (Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland)

VED 2015 Welcome Reception & Poster Session
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