Plant-Based Vaccines, Antibodies & Biologics

8-10 June 2015, University of LausanneCHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland

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The PBVAB Scientific Advisory Panel and the organizers would like to acknowledge the support of the following sponsors:

Protalix Biotherapeutics iBioPharma The International Society For Plant Molecular Farming
Planet Biotechnology Fraunhofer USA Nexgen
John Innes Centre PlantForm Aldevron
Biovaxx Icon Genetics Kentucky Bioprocessing
Mapp Biopharmaceutical Nomad Angany Genetics
Epso Ilvo Molecular Farming
Greenovation Synthon Plant Transformation Technologies
Fraunhofer IME Root Lines Technology Medicago
Intrucept Biomedicine Ventria Bioscience PBL
Retroscreen Virology Conviron

PBVAB 2015 Delegates

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PBVAB 2015 Sponsors

  • John Innes Centre
  • Retroscreen Virology
  • Conviron
  • Intrucept Biomedicine
  • The International Society For Plant Molecular Farming
  • Medicago
  • Fraunhofer IME
  • Angany Genetics
  • Ventria Bioscience
  • Icon Genetics
  • Molecular Farming
  • Nexgen
  • Nomad
  • Mapp BioPharmaceutical
  • PlantForm
  • Root Lines Technology
  • Plant Transformation Technologies
  • Synthon
  • Greenovation
  • Protalix Biotherapeutics
  • Planet Biotechnology
  • Kentucky Bioprocessing
  • Ilvo
  • Fraunhofer USA
  • PBL
  • Aldevron
  • iBioPharma
  • Epso
  • BioVaxx

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