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The drive for the new generation of vaccine therapies has precipitated a concurrent need for new and improved adjuvantation/delivery systems for these new vaccines. This new international conference will focus on updating the community on new adjuvant/delivery systems/technologies associated with developing modern vaccines strategies and vaccine research. There is now an urgent need for the development of these potent and safe adjuvants and delivery systems and MVADS 2019 will offer researchers a fresh forum to discuss this important topic in detail.

MVADS 2019 will be of interest to researchers/contributors from academic programs, industrial, governmental and regulatory groups.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Conference Chairman: Martin Bachmann (Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland / University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)

Edmond J. Remarque (BPRC, Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
Dennis Christensen (Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Erik Lindblad (CRODA Denmark, Frederickssund, Denmark)
Manmohan Singh (Takeda Vaccines Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Derek O’Hagan (GSK, Rockville, Maryland, USA)
Virgil Schijns (Wageningen Unviversity, The Netherlands)
Burkhard Becher (University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland)
Maria Lazaro (SEPPIC, Paris, France)
Chris Fox (IDRI, Seattle, USA)
Karl Ljungberg (Eurocine Vaccines AB, Solna, Sweden)
Stefan Jungbluth (EVI, Heidelberg, Germany)
Jeffrey A. Hubbell (University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Behazine Combadiere (Cimi-Paris, Paris, France)
Ken Ishii (IMS/University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Ofer Levy (Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Jean Haensler (Sanofi Pasteur, Marcy L’Etoile, France)
Matthew Heath (Bencard Adjuvant Systems, Worthing, West Sussex, UK)
Markus Clemenz (Verapido Medical GmbH, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany)
Emanuele Montomoli (VisMederi S.r.l., Siena, Italy)
Tobias Kamphuis (Janssen Vaccines, Leiden, The Netherlands)
Bror Morein (Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden)

Conference Scope

Scientific Sessions:

  • Mechanistic Interpretations
  • Delivery
  • Formulation & Design
  • Modern Vaccines & Adjuvants
  • Safety
  • Regulation
  • Future Developments